The Benefits of AIRTA Membership for the categories

Retired Members

  • Are inactive/not currently practicing
  • Can access this category of membership in the event that a Clinical/Educational member chooses to retire from practice or needs to take an extended period of leave from practice, but still want to remain connected to the association
  • Pay a reduced fee
  • Receive email updates around coming professional development opportunities, Advanced trainings, Supervisor trainings, GTLYW Workshop presenter trainings, GTLYW workshops, upcoming events and AIRTA initiatives, as well as news from the wider counselling and psychotherapy community.
  • Can join the AIRTA Facebook page
  • Can access through IRI, the member benefits area of the website, ‘ImagoShare’ to receive messages, updates, and information from any members of IRI,  as well as access ‘Think Tank’ recordings, where Imago Therapists give talks on aspects of their practice
  • Can access through IRI, the 'IsThereMore' Yahoo group
  • Have voting rights at annual and special meetings
  • Can reactivate their Clinical/Educational status at any time once they have submitted updated insurance details and a declaration of their intent to work.

Imago related events listing

Events can be listed on the website, regardless of whether or not the presenters are members, but all advertisements must be authorised and be considered ‘Imago-related’*

If you are organising an Imago-related* event, such as a presentation on Imago or an Imago workshop or training, which would be of interest to the Australian public, you can publicise it on the AIRTA workshops page and also on the public and closed Facebook pages.

*‘Imago-related’ means:

1. GTLYW workshops presented by certified workshop presenters, in Australia or a neighbouring country (e.g. New Zealand, Bali, Singapore)

2. lectures and workshops based on Imago theory and practice, presented in Australia by certified Imago

3. lectures and workshops about relationships, presented by prominent international therapists and researchers, but not specifically using Imago theory or therapy - no, the events are not directly Imago-related.

GTLYW which are not readily accessible to the Australian public will not be listed. i.e. those in the US or UK. Please contact the Secretary for more information via the contact page.