Change and transformation is possible for all relationships - those just beginning, filled with new love and hope, those becoming routine and filled with commitment and longing for the way it used to feel, those who have worked their way through struggle, those at breaking point, filled with pain, despair, conflict and confusion or even those who are longing to deepen the connection they already have.

These two-day workshops based on Harville Hendrix's and Helen La Kelly Hunt's bestselling books can be just as effective as three months of couples therapy.  Get started on a journey of healing and growth. 


Getting The Love You Want: A Workshop for Couples

Sydney Weekend Couple Workshops

14-15 April 2018

8-9 September 2018

8-9 December 2018

Auckland Weekend Couple Wokshops

3-4 March 2018
19-20 May 2018

28-29 July 2018
22-23 September 2018

24-25 November 2018

Couples workshops are held on weekends - Saturdays 9am-7pm and Sundays 9am-6pm.

Participating in a Getting the Love you Want Couple Workshop can enable couples to make more sense of their relationship dynamics and move toward the relationship they hope for.

  • Learn practical skills and gain a new understanding of long-term successful relationships
  • Rediscover the joy and potential of being together as a couple
  • Learn new communication skills to break destructive patterns of relating
  • Renew passion, pleasure and fun
  • Develop greater compassion for each other
  • Make sense of the impact of your childhood experience on your adult relationship
  • Understand how the unconscious forces that attracted you to your partner can become a source of conflict
  • Facilitate healing within your relationship
  • Discover how your relationship can be a vehicle for personal change and spiritual growth
  • Model a strong, loving relationship for your children.

Each participant receives a comprehensive manual for use during and after the couple workshop.

There is not a requirement to share personal information about your relationship with other participants. The workshop emphasises partners privately working with each other.

Couple Workshops start from $795 per couple.

Getting the Love You Want weekend workshops for couples are also available in Auckland, New Zealand. Register here.

VIDEO: Why your partner brings out the worst in you and why this is a gift for your relationship

VIDEO: Why your partner brings out the worst in you and why this is a gift for your relationship