Rhonda Jurd

Rhonda’s interest in assisting relationships was sparked mainly, by her own relationship experience.

Early in her marriage, Rhonda experienced the pain of a near separation from her husband, as they were unable to manage their conflicts without some lingering pain and a feeling that not all was resolved. Thankfully, a wonderfully skilled couple’s therapist helped them find each other again and their relationship was restored. Now, over two and a half decades later they are very much in love and can resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently, with understanding and empathy.

This personal experience inspired Rhonda to work with couples and pursue Imago Relationship Therapy. The benefits Rhonda sees in this unique and gentle therapy, is the focus on positive re-connection using structured dialogue between the couple, as well as tools to resolve conflict and create a positive future vision.

The therapist acts as a guide and coach until the couple are able use the tools unassisted and develop their communication skills. Communication and resolution of conflict can then take place in a more empowered way and differences can be resolved with more ease.

Rhonda has had the rewarding experience, both personally and professionally of witnessing what happens when harmony is restored to a relationship, when this transformation happens, everything around the couple benefits; children, family, friends, career and health. The home becomes a safe, loving, nurturing and welcoming place once more, without the conflict.

If you would like to learn how to transform your relationship, Rhonda would be pleased and privileged to assist you.

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Kim Hopson

Kim Hopson