William Vorobioff

Relationships can be challenging, to say the least and can stretch us in ways we could not have anticipated. However, they are powerful vehicles for our healing and growth.

Imago therapy offers an opportunity to heal old wounds and realise our potential.

As we learn that it is possible for two different realities to exist respectfully in the same space, and thrive together, we begin to focus less on our partners contributions and more of our own contribution to the relationship dance. This gives us a greater sense of agency and possibility.

We learn to live with the wonder of another who is different and unique, and often sees the world through surprisingly different lenses. This work is a call for us to grow, to stretch in ways that we may not have known we needed, to become more differentiated and whole.

At the same time, we may find parts of ourselves we thought we’d lost forever, and deepen our safety and love with others in ways we may only ever have hoped for.

“May we all have the strength to learn to love well”.

Rhonda Jurd

Rhonda Jurd